William, Won’t You Wash Your Hands!
A resource kit that can be used to teach young children how and when to wash their hands. The kit involves input from experts in the field of early learning and care, public health, infection control and paediatric medicine.
The kit contains the following resources:

  • A children's storybook entitled “William, Won’t You Wash Your Hands?” where William learns how important it is to wash his hands as well as the proper handwashing technique.
  • Two posters that cover the steps preschoolers should follow to wash hands
  • A resource booklet with a comprehensive collection of games, poems, songs and activities
  • Two resource sheets for staff that provide additional handwashing advice and information on infection control

    "William, Won’t You Wash Your Hands!" (Kit) — $23.00 each
    Storybook Only — $7 each
    Discounts available for larger orders of Kits or Storybooks--see Order Form
    Produced with financial assistance provided by the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association, Reckitt Benckiser, and the Public Health Agency of Canada has made the publication and distribution of this kit possible Limited quantities available

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    VIDEO/DVD - Massage: You and Your Baby
    A 30 minute instructional video designed for both new and experienced parents. Provides easy to follow demonstration of strokes, paced for viewing and doing. Includes stroke review and helps viewers learn and practice with ease (2000). This DVD is now available in French
    Video — $15 / DVD — $23
    In partnership with International Association of Infant Massage.
    Limited quantities available

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    Exercises and Activities for children from birth to six years of age
    This series of three books outlines physical activities and games for children from birth to six years of age. Written for parents and child care providers, each booklet has suggestions for safe, age-specific play and activities to enhance motor development and physical fitness, with information on healthy eating.

    Moving & Growing I
    Physical Activities for the First Two Years. 103 pages (2004).

    Moving & Growing II
    Physical and Activities for Twos, Threes and Fours. 95 pages (2004).

    Moving & Growing III
    Physical and Activities for Fives and Sixes. 95 pages (2004).

    $27 for complete Moving & Growing series (all three books)

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    VIDEO - Precious Minds - Nurturing Literacy in the Early Years
    Parents, relatives and caregivers who read to young children are bestowing a gift that can influence a child for life. Research shows that children who are read to when exceptionally young are more likely to develop a lifelong interest in reading, do well in school and succeed in adult life. Studies show reading to children when they are aged 0-3 helps them realize their potential during a crucial period in their development. (2000). Video - 17 minutes.

    To obtain a copy of this video, visit www.preciousminds.org or telephone (613) 761-7777.

    The First Years Last Forever - I Am Your Child Booklet
    New brain research tells us that the first years of life are a critical period in a child's development. This booklet outlines 10 guidelines for parents and caregivers on how they can promote young children's healthy development and school readiness. 16 pages. (1998).
    $1 each for orders of 10 or less.
    Discounts available for larger orders--see Order Form

    To view a copy of this booklet, click here. (PDF File 507kb)

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    The First Years Last Forever - How you can make a difference in the life of your child

    How do I make a positive difference in the life of my child? What can I do to promote healthy brain development in my infant? How do I raise a happy, confident, successful learner? How can the first years last forever?

    As a parent, you play an important role in shaping the way your Baby will learn, think and behave in the future. Research shows that the relationship between you and your child in the early years is a necessary part of healthy brain development.

    The First Years Last Forever is a first step to help you learn how to create a healthy parent-child relationship with your infant, which, in turn, will promote healthy brain development. This full colour booklet and accompanying video (see title #86 above) encourages and furthers this brain formation. 4 pages. (1999)
    $1 each for orders of 10 or less.
    Discounts available for larger orders--see Order Form

    To view a copy of this booklet, click here. (PDF File 174kb)

    To obtain a copy of The First Years Last Forever Poster
    (8.5 x 11 - Full Color) click here.
    (PDF File 125kb)

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    DVD - The First Years Last Forever I am Your Child
    The new research in brain development tells us of the vital importance of the relationship between caregiver and child in the critical first years of life. New parents have a wonderful opportunity to help children reach their full potential. This 28-minute video includes information on:

    - Bonding and attachment
    - Communication
    - Health and nutrition
    - Discipline
    - Self-esteem
    - Child care
    - Self-awareness

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    Max the Cat Programs
    Safe and Happy Personal Safety Kit
    This kit is designed to assist educators in addressing the sensitive subject of child sexual abuse with preschoolers. A 52-page manual includes teaching guidelines, activities and games for discussing feelings, learning body awareness and acquiring abuse prevention skills. Fourteen full-colour posters are included as a teaching tool.  2nd Edition. (1990). 
    $15 each

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