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For more than 25 years, the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) has been making major differences in the lives of Canada's children. Each time an infant is safely buckled into a car seat or a child wears a bicycle helmet correctly, you see the work of CICH. Every time you fill your car with unleaded gasoline, you're helping protect our children from the harmful effects of lead - thanks to CICH's efforts. And when a new parent knows to put a baby to sleep on her back, reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, CICH has reached out to another child.

From research and policy recommendations to community development and resource-building the Institute has touched the life of virtually every child in Canada.

Founded in 1977, CICH is the only national charitable organization dedicated solely to improving the health of children and youth in Canada. The Institute has had a profound impact on the policies and practices of caring for our children through its three core areas of focus:

    • monitoring our children's health
    • educating professionals, caregivers and policy-makers
    • advocating for legislation and policies that improve child health

As a trusted voice for children, CICH speaks out on issues involving children and youth to all levels of government, media, parents and caregivers. Governed by a volunteer board of directors and guided by an expert advisory council, the Institute plays a key role in working with government and industry to bring attention to significant children's health care issues and ensuring appropriate policies are developed. CICH then translates those policies into better health for children by equipping health care professionals and educators with the best evidence-based resources. The Institute provides expert advice to Canadian media, ensuring the needs and concerns of children are reported. We also reach out to families across Canada to help with the crucial tasks of nurturing, protecting, educating and empowering our children.


Our Five Pillars

Reaching across the themes of monitoring, education and advocacy, the Institute's work is strategically focussed on five pillars of child health:


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