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Working together for every child


Who we are

For more than 25 years, the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) has been working to improve the health of Canada's children. As the only national charitable organization dedicated solely to improving the health, well-being and rights of all children and youth, CICH touches virtually all Canada's children through research and policy recommendations, community development and resource-building.

However, we don't do it in isolation. From other non-profit child health organizations, expert advisors and government agencies to foundations and corporations that support our research and programs, the Institute works with many partners to effect change.

What we do

The Institute's work focuses on five pillars of child health:

  • acting as a voice for Canada's children;
  • supporting healthy pregnancy and childbirth;
  • fostering healthy child development;
  • ensuring our environment is safe for children; and
  • monitoring the state of children's health.

Within each of these five core areas, CICH's work is both national and local in scope. As a trusted voice for children, CICH speaks out on issues involving children and youth to all levels of government, the media, parents and caregivers. The Institute plays a key role in working with government and industry to bring attention to significant child health issues and ensuring appropriate policies are developed. CICH then translates those policies into better health for children by equipping health care professionals and educators with the best evidence-based resources. The Institute also provides expert advice to Canadian media, ensuring the needs and concerns of children are reported. We also reach out to families across Canada to help with the crucial tasks of nurturing, protecting, educating and empowering our children.

CICH focuses on the whole child, looking at the broad determinants of physical and mental health, including social, economic, and environmental factors. Accordingly, the areas CICH is focusing on for the coming year include initiatives that address each of these elements.


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